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A teenager who accused a prominent local politician of rape in India has been involved in a fatal car crash, with the family and prominent opposition leaders calling foul play.


The 19-year-old alleged rape victim was travelling with her lawyer and two female relatives when their car was rammed by a truck in a head-on collision.


The two female relatives, one of whom was also a witness in a related case, died in the crash, while the alleged rape victim and her lawyer are in critical condition in hospital.


The woman, from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh state, says she was raped in 2017 by Kuldeep Singh Sengar, a member of the state’s legislative assembly for Narendra Modi’s ruling BJP party.


Swati Maliwal, chair of the Delhi Commission for Women, met the alleged victim and her lawyer in hospital in Lucknow, the state capital, and said they were both in life-threatening condition. She shared an open letter to Adityanath, the chief minister, saying she was “deeply disturbed” by the case.


Officially, local police are treating the crash as an accident. OP Singh, director general of police in the state, said a “fair and free probe” would be conducted but that “primary probe suggests it was purely an accident due to an over-speeding truck”. The driver and truck owner had been arrested and were being questioned, he said.
Singh said police would “hand over the case to CBI” (India’s Central Bureau of Investigations) if the family demanded.
It wouldn’t be the first time the body, India’s equivalent of the US’s FBI, has had to step in in the Unnao case.


After a public uproar, the CBI was ordered to carry out an extensive investigation and filed three charge sheets last year; against Sengar for the alleged rape, Sengar’s brother and associates for the alleged murder of the woman’s father, and Sengar and others for framing the father on trumped-up charges.


Back in April, after an eye witness to her father’s beating died in mysterious circumstances, the alleged rape victim told the Times of India she and her family lived in fear for their lives.


Rahul Gandhi, the former Congress president, said the case sent the message to Indian women - “don’t ask questions if a BJP MLA is accused of having raped you”.


June 2017: A 17 year old Minor girl in Unnao district alleges rape by a BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar.
June 2017 - April 2018: Girl's family complains. Police refuse to even file an FIR. Family goes to court. Persists with the case for a long time.
April 3, 2018: Girls father badly beaten up by MLA’s henchmen.
April 3, 2018: Police arrests father while ignoring the girl’s complaint.
April 8, 2018: Girl attempts suicide outside home of UP CM Yogi accusing him of protecting the MLA.
April 9, 2018: Girl's father dies after police torture.
April 10, 2018: Police arrest four men accused of assaulting the girl's father, all associates of rapist MLA.
April 10, 2018: Post-mortem report shows 14 injuries on girl's father's body in the Unnao case.

2017年6月- 2018年4月:受害女孩的家人反应,印度警方甚至拒绝立案调查此事。对此,女孩的家人一直联系法庭进行抗争

A truck hits the car.
Coincidentalky, Security officer of girl not in the car.
Coincidentally, The number plate of truck is smeared in black paint
Two aunts die,
Rape Victim fighting to survive.
Lawyer critical.
Police say accident did not appear like a “case of conspiracy or intent to murder”.
Justice system in ICU.
So, Father beaten to death. Uncle arrested. Mom dead Aunts dead. Witness dead. Victim critical. Lawyer critical. MLA safe under police security.