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The tragic image of a drowned father and child washed ashore on the Rio Grande is being used as easy ammunition against Donald Trump — but where was the outpouring of grief when migrants were dying under the Obama administration?


There is no good argument to be made that journalists should not be critical in their coverage of the Trump administration. After all, to hold the president to account, to inform the public on the consequences of his policy choices, “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” as that famous saying goes, is all in the job descxtion. It’s just a pity they only decided to take the responsibility seriously when Trump took office.


Why should anyone believe that their showy displays of grief and horror are sincere now, given their silence during the Obama years, when many of the same policies causing outrage now were also in place then?


The same thing goes for the Democrats, who are eagerly attempting to cast themselves as the party of compassion. Joe Biden railed against Trump’s “deportation state” in the Miami Herald this week, despite having served as vice president under Obama, dubbed the ‘Deporter in Chief’ by immigrants rights activists.

同样的事情也发生在民主党身上,他们急切地想把自己塑造成一个充满同情心的政党。乔·拜登(Joe Biden)本周在《迈阿密先驱报》(Miami Herald)上抨击了特朗普的“驱逐状态”,尽管他曾在奥巴马政府担任副总统,被移民权利活动人士称为“首席驱逐官”

It would be inaccurate to say that there was no coverage of the crisis while Obama was president. There was some bland, less-emotional coverage. There was also some in-depth reporting which captured the extent of the crisis — but there was no mass media mobilization against Obama himself. The facts and death tolls were not plastered across the cable news networks night and day. No one argued that Obama was shaming America.


A clip of a Trump administration lawyer arguing that migrant children did not need soap and toothpaste to be “safe and sanitary” went viral last week. It was jarring to listen to, but again, there was nothing new here — only the willingness of some to suddenly be moved to outrage.


A 2015 lawsuit described “inhumane” conditions in border detention facilities under Obama. Men, women and children, it said, were “packed into overcrowded and filthy holding cells with the lights glaring day and night.” They suffered “in brutally cold temperatures; deprived of beds, bedding, and sleep,” were denied adequate food, water and medical care, as well as “basic sanitation items” like soap, toilet paper and diapers. This all while the media treated Obama with kid gloves and liberals sang his praises.


There were no deaths of children in Customs and Border Protection custody under Obama — and there have been six under the Trump administration, so it is fair to argue, that with the implementation of some more extreme anti-asylum policies and perhaps an even greater lack of caring, Trump has taken an already dysfunctional, inhumane and under-funded system — and simply made it worse.

在奥巴马政府统治下,海关和边境保护局没有儿童死亡 - 特朗普政府统治下有6人死亡,因此可以公平地说,实施一些更极端的反庇护政策,甚至可能更加缺乏关心,特朗普已经采取了一个已经功能失调,不人道和资金不足的制度 - 而且只是使情况变得更糟。

There is a case to be made that he has done this on purpose; to make the situation as unappealing as possible to those who might be tempted to make the treacherous and potentially fatal journey to and across the US’s southern border — but the reality is, however unappealing he tries to make it, for many, it will still be more appealing than the alternative.

有理由说他是故意这样做的; 尽可能地让那些可能想要在美国南部边境进行奸诈和可能致命的旅程的人在这种情况下感到无法成功 - 但实际情况是,无论多么吸引人,他试图制造它(这项政策),对于许多人来说,它仍将是比替代品更具吸引力。

Regime-change activists within the mainstream media commentariat had the audacity to use that image to call for more Western bombing — so, seeing some of the same crowd using the image of Valeria Martinez to frx Trump as uniquely evil in the history of the US presidency is no big surprise.

颠覆活动人士在主流媒体评论家曾大胆使用,呼吁更多的西方轰炸形象—— 所以,看到一些同样的人群利用Valeria Martinez的形象将特朗普视为美国总统任期内的独特邪恶没什么大惊喜的。