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Farage has slammed the new European Commission president for her ‘fanatic’ support for a European army. But is the idea really so bad, if, as Farage fears, it supplants NATO, whose interventions have been so destabilizing?


Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was, to his credit, very critical of the NATO-led assault on Libya in 2011, which destroyed a prosperous country and created a refugee crisis of epic proportions, as well as greatly increasing the terrorism threat to European citizens.

值得赞扬的是,英国退欧党领袖奈杰尔·法拉奇(Nigel Farage)对2011年北约(nato)领导的对利比亚的袭击非常不满。那次袭击摧毁了一个繁荣的国家,引发了一场规模空前的难民危机,极大地增加了对欧洲公民的恐怖主义威胁。

Instead of dissolution, NATO morphed from a defensive alliance into an attack dog. Yugoslavia was illegally bombed in 1999, an assault that not only was in contravention of international law but also NATO’s own founding constitution. Some 12 years later, NATO played the lead role in the destruction oflibya, a country which had the highest Human Development Index in the whole of Africa. In June 2010, Libya was named in the Daily Telegraph newspaper as one of the top six exotic cruise ship destinations.

北约非但没有解体,反而从一个防御联盟演变成了一只攻击犬。南斯拉夫在1999年被非法轰炸,这次袭击不仅违反了国际法,而且违反了北约自己的宪法。大约12年后,北约在摧毁利比亚的行动中发挥了主导作用,利比亚是整个非洲人类发展指数最高的国家。2010年6月,利比亚被《每日电讯报》(Daily Telegraph)评为六大异国游轮目的地之一。

Today, the British Foreign Commonwealth Office "advises against all travel to Libya."


NATO has also greatly intensified tensions with Russia, with provocative troop build-ups on the borders.


The current menacing of Iran is a case in point.


If there’s one good thing the Trump presidency has done, it’s woken Europeans up to the dangers of being too closely tied to the US.


If a European army fulfils the same role as NATO – i.e. an aggressive one – then of course, it would be obxtionable. But the idea itself of Europe doing its own thing shouldn’t be summarily dismissed. Farage said in his speech that a European defense force could be used for attack – but that’s exactly what’s happened with NATO, which he supports.


[size=15.0015px]Critiquing the undemocratic nature of the European unx, as it currently stands, does not mean a rejection of pan-Europeanism per se. It makes sense for countries of the continent to co-operate as closely as possible on matters of mutual concern, including defense, environmental protection, and anti-terrorism. Important economies of scale can be achieved. Sovereigntists can hardly attack the idea of a European army on philosophical grounds, yet remain strong supporters of NATO, an organization in which, let’s face it, the US calls most of the shots.


What reduces support for the EU today is not so much the idea of ‘European unity’ – which is a far from ignoble one – but the economic situation on the ground. People across Europe associate the EU with austerity, falling living standards, and unemployment. Ironically, if Ursula von der Leyen’s aim really was to introduce ‘an upxed version of communism,’ (where everyone was guaranteed a job) or at least a return to dirigiste Gaullist economics, associated with the period known as Les Trente Glorieuses, the EU, in one form or another, would have a far better chance of survival.