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白人性帝国主义:“Me Love you long Time”


“Me love you long time” is a phrase often used whenreferring to foreign Asian women and sex. It may or may not be explicitlyassociated with illicit sex but the clear underlying message is that the Asianwoman’s role is to sexually serve the man. She is to be docile,unassuming, exotic and demure — yet wildly sexual and uninhibited. Awoman with “slanted eyes and creamy yellow thighs” (lyrics from “Asian Girlz”)to be tamed and devoured by the White man.

每当话题同时涉及亚洲女性和性的时候,“Me love you long time”是一句经常被提到的短语。先不论这句话是否暗指非法性行为,但可以明确的潜在信息是,亚洲女性的角色定位是为(白人)男性提供性服务的。她要温顺,不摆架子,有异国情调,端庄,但性欲狂野,不拘小节。经典场景就是一个有着“斜眼和乳黄色大腿”(来自“亚洲女孩”的歌词)的女人被白人男性驯服和支配。

If you ask anyone younger than 30 where the roots are fromthe line, “Me love you long time,” you’d probably get a blank stare. They maythink it’s just broken English from an Asian women who is truly trying toexpress genuine affection to someone in English. The reality is that thisphrase, “Me love you long time,” is not “I love you” coming out awkwardly in anAsian accent.

如果你问30岁以下的人, “Me love you long time”到底出自哪里,他们很可能会茫然的看着你无法回答。他们可能会认为这是一个亚洲女人的蹩脚英语,她想用这句英语表达对某人的真爱。事实上,“Me love you long time”,这句话并不是一种蹩脚亚洲英语。

Filipino women were viewed so subservient and subordinate,not only to White men but also to White women, that U.S. soldiers sexuallydenigrated them in a way they would have never treated their spouses or otherwomen back home. “Filipina sex workers, for example, frequently report‘being treated like a toy or a pig by the American [soldiers] and beingrequired to do ‘three holes’ oral, vaginal and anal sex.” *


It was this American colonization period during the turn ofthe 20th century that gave rise to today’s notorious sex entertainment industryin Asia. Sex and prostitution sprang up to cater to the American militaryamidst the backdrop of political and economic plight, despair, and povertywhere a man could have “a girl for the price of a hamburger”.


A few decades later, during the Vietnam War, this onlyintensified as the conflict took a long and brutal toll on the U.S. militaryand the American psyche back home. But on the battlefield, the mind ofthe fighting soldier must be protected and preserved at all costs, even atthe cost of Vietnamese or Thai women and girls. Consequently, severalmilitary bases were stationed in Thailand to shelter up to 70,000 American GIsat any given time for “Rest and Recreation” (R&R). “With pervasive disregardfor human rights, the military grimly accepts and recognizes access toindigenous women’s bodies as a ‘necessity’ for American GIs stationedoverseas”. *


It may start off as an innocuous joke without muchintrospection or resistance from others; the joke then turns into a morepernicious modern-day imperialistic mentality of sexual conquest witnessed recently by the music video, “Asian Girlz”(pictured left) by the band Day Above Ground.

“Me Love you long Time”这句话一开始可能是一个无伤大雅的笑话,没有太多的反省或抵制;然后不断发酵,最近在Day Above Ground专辑中的“Asian Girlz”(下图)这首歌中最终演变成了一个丑陋的现代帝国主义的性征服心态.

In their interview with TMZ and the NBC station in the BayArea, they refused to acknowledge the racism inherent in their lyrics let alonehow it could be perceived as such, “We didn’t expect it to be such a backlash.” Its lead singer says, “It comes from a good place” and “I don’tunderstand” of why this is inappropriate.


Beyond bewilderment, the band members were defensivesaying, “We’ve all had close relationships with the Asian community, Asianpeople. There’s guys in the band with Asian women. It’s just, it’shard to believe we’re getting this kind of backlash”. Northern CaliforniaAttorney Sunny Woan and author of the abstract, “White Sexual Imperialism,” tells me how this is anotherexample of how covert racism appears in mainstream America, even if it’s underthe guise of music or other forms of entertainment.

除了困惑之外,乐队成员都在自我辩解地说:“我们乐队都与亚洲社会、亚洲人民有着密切的关系。乐队成员里有男人和亚洲女人在一起。但也仅仅如此了,很难相信我们会受到这种反对”。北加利福尼亚州律师桑尼·沃恩(Sunny Woan)——《白人性帝国主义》(White Sexual Empilism)一书摘要的作者——告诉我,这是另一个在美国主流社会中隐秘种族主义如何出现的例子,即使是在音乐或其他娱乐形式的伪装下。

“Here we have the irreverent trinity that is racism,sexism, and imperialism. The question to ask is why did the band decide on Asianwomen? What does it tell us about the underlying, prevailing politics ofwhite male and Asian female relationships, even today in the 21st century?”


Woan is also the editor of Kartika Review, a nationalliterary arts magazine that publishes AsianPacific Islander American fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and art. Shehas heard many people, particularly Asians tell her not to take a music video tooseriously. But she says otherwise: “If we treat it like it’s nothing,then we are being complacent to racism, sexism, and here most pertinently, therepercussions of cultural imperialism.”


* all quotes taken from the abstract, “White SexualImperialism” written by Northern California attorney and editor of KartikaReview Sunny Woan.


(About the Author:Sam Louie, MA, LMHC, is a psychotherapist in private practice licensed inthe state of Washington as a mental health counselor. He received hismaster’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage & familytherapy from Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. Sam is also adiversity speaker and commentator who offers seminars and presentations forschools, businesses, and other organizations to help foster betterunderstanding, sensitivity, and awareness of issues related to Asian and ethniccultures. You can find his website at samlouiemft.com)

(作者简介:马萨诸塞州 萨姆·路易,LMHC,是一名在华盛顿州获得心理健康顾问执照的私人执业的心理医生。他获得了南加州阿祖萨太平洋大学临床心理学硕士学位,重点是婚姻和家庭治疗。山姆也是一位多元化的演讲者和评论员,他为学校、企业和其他组织提供研讨会和演讲,以帮助培养对亚洲和民族文化相关问题的更好理解、敏感性和认识。你可以在samlouiemft.com上找到他的网站)