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If you've ever paid for something with your phone, transferred money using an app or checked your bank statement online, then you're already part of a multi-billion dollar industry.It's called fintech, and it's changing economies around the world.Fintech is short for Financial Technology - seems simple, right?Well, the term fintech includes a huge range of products, technologies, and business models that are changing the financial services industry.It refers to everything from cashless payments, to crowdfunding platforms, to robo-advisors, to virtual currencies.So every time you donate to someone's Kickstarter campaign - that's fintech.Or if you transfer money to someone using Venmo - that's also fintech.And that's just the beginning.Here at a major fintech conference in Amsterdam, hundreds of companies are trying to disrupt the banking and finance industries by changing the way we pay and borrow money.And investors are buying it.

如果你曾经用手机付钱、用app 转帐或是在线查看你的帐户明细,恭喜中奖那么你已经是某项数十亿产业的一员了,这就是所谓的金融科技产业。Fintech 是金融技术的缩写,看似简单,fintech 包括了大量的产品、技术与商业模式,而它们正在慢慢改变金融服务产业,从无现金支付、众筹平台、机器人投资顾问、再到虚拟货币。每当你捐钱给某人的Kickstarter 众筹活动,那就是金融科技。或是你用Venmo 转帐给别人,那也是金融科技。仍需指出,这还只是刚刚开始。在阿姆斯特丹举行的大型金融科技会议上,上百家公司试图撼动银行与金融业的传统模式,改变我们付款、借款的方法,而投资者已经付出了实际行动。

Now, thanks to fintech, all you need is your phone to take out a loan or insurance.Take Kenya, which pioneered a mobile banking system called M-Pesa.Kenyans access their M-Pesa accounts directly on their mobile phones to transfer money, pay bills or take out loans.Today, an estimated 96% of households in Kenya use M-Pesa.And one study found it has helped lift roughly 2% of Kenyan households out of extreme poverty.The rise of fintech has forced traditional lenders, insurers and asset managers to embrace new digital technologies.For example, wealth managers now have to compete with robo-advisors which are automated financial planning services.I mean talk about rise of the robots, right?Thanks to high-tech algorithms, these services are available 24/7.And can be more affordable than traditional asset managers.That helps explain why some robo-advisors already have billions of dollars under management.

肯尼亚来说,它是手机金融服务系统的先驱,他们的系统叫M-Pesa。肯尼亚人用手机就可以取得M-Pesa 的帐号来转帐、缴帐单或是贷款。据统计96% 肯亚的家庭在使用M-Pesa。一则研究调查也指出M-Pesa 帮助了2% 的肯亚人脱离极端贫困。金融科技的兴起强迫传统的银行、保险公司、资产管理公司采用新的数字技术。例如,理财顾问现在要跟能提供自动化理财方案的机器人投资顾问竞争。众所周知机器人随着持续迭代,也多亏了高科技的算法,这些机器人服务是全年无休的。而且收费还比传统的资产顾问服务实惠。这也解释了业界为何高达数十亿美元资金已经放心交给机器人管理了。

Like any growing industry, fintech isn't without risks.And some regulators have struggled to keep up with the fast pace of innovation.Think of peer-to-peer lending platforms - where individuals borrow and lend without going through a bank.Compared to traditional banks, these services might not be required to set aside as much money in case customers default on their loans.This can be risky for companies and consumers.Data privacy is another major concern.As more financial services go digital, cyber attacks become a bigger risk.The challenges facing financial technology are likely to grow as more businesses go digital.But for many of the companies and consumers here - fintech is more than a buzzword.It's a big business opportunity.


对公司与客户而言,这都是有风险的。用户数据隐私也是一个大问题。随着金融服务数字化,网路攻击也变成很大的风险。随着越来越多公司走向数字化,金融技术产业面临的挑战只会更多。但对多数公司与消费者而言, fintech 不只是个流行一时的词。看!好大的一个商机。


二、苹果信用卡将在夏季发布 Introducing Apple Card Coming Summer

Apple Card sets a new level for privacy and security.Apple Pay technology creates a unique card number for youand then locks it away in the secure element of your iPhone.And with Face ID and Touch ID,only you can use your Apple Card.[APPLE PAY CHIME]Got a question?Just send a text.It's that easy.You don't have to wait on holdor remember your mother's maiden name.And it all lives in the Wallet app on your iPhone,so it's always with you.But if you happen to be somewherethat doesn't accept Apple Pay yet, there's this:titanium, laser-etched, and no number.Nice.This is Apple Card.A new kind of credit card, created by Apple.

苹果信用卡将隐私和安全设置拔搞到了一个新的层次,Apple Pay technology 创造一个属于你独一无二的卡号,并将它锁定在iphone 的安全功能中,充分利用脸部辨识和指纹识功能,确保只有你才能够使用你的苹果信用卡。(Apple Pay 铃声)

不会用?发个短信就是那么简单。你不必拿着电话在那二等 或是记住密保问题:妈妈姓什么?它们都存在你iPhone 中的钱包应用里,所以你随时能够找到。不过,如果你刚好在某个还没有和Apple Pay 合作的地方,苹果还会邮寄一张:钛合金,激光刻蚀,卡面没有数字的实体卡。很好,这就是苹果信用卡,一张由苹果创造的新型信用卡。