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Why have some bars in Bangkok banned Indians?



Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh, Want to make India a better place
Updated Nov 26, 2017 · Author has 276 answers and 561.1k answer views
It's probably a consequence of the way most of the Indian men have been behaving at those places, and trust me, it makes me sad to say this. Bangkok is a famous tourist place across the globe and not only Indians but tourists from other countries such as USA, Australia, etc also visit it all year round. Due to this, these bars are visited by other foreigners as well and the differences between them and Indian men is what has lead to this. To name a few key differences,
1. Men from other countries usually have much more bucks to spare at the bars, both for drinks as well as girls. Money is the reason these bars exist, and this makes this point the main reason.
2. Indian men are not seen as good looking as those from, say, the west. Girls at these bars prefer to go with other foreign men than with Indians.
These differences have made these bars like the tourists from other countries much more than Indians and some bars have gone as far as banning Indians altogether.

Gagandeep Singh,想把印度变成一个更好的地方



If you are smart, polite, clean and not in a large group then just go to Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy and you will have no problem gaining admission to any number of bars. You will of course be expected to buy a drink...minimum one per person...and you will be expected to consume said drink within an acceptable timeframe. Do not, ever, go to any upstairs bar in Patpong.
More and more tourists now visit Bangkok from non western countries. The bars cannot afford to exclude customers on the grounds of race any longer. I agree that this did use to happen in the past.



Perth, Australia
Hi Sagar and welcome to Trip Advisor
It's an ingrained part of Thai culture to be polite and courteous therefore if you follow KhunBill's advice, you should be fine. The problems which have been experienced by some of your countrymen is due in part to perceived rudeness. Smile, be polite and interact with the local people and you'll be warmly accepted.


Richmond, Virginia
Unfortunate that there is so much racial prejudice in Thailand that I would not support them if I was treated different from my fellow man. I would always assume I am welcome to any go go bar until I am ask to leave because of race. Then I would ask why and then show them how improper they are to Indians..good luck.

不幸的是,泰国存在如此多的种族偏见。如果我和我的小伙伴被区别对待了,我压根就不会去光顾它们。以前我认为我去任何go go bar都会受到热烈欢迎,直到因为种族的原因我的膝盖中了一箭。我被要求离开,然后我生气的质问他们原因并且明确告诉他们这么对待印度人是很不合适的...祝你好运。

Mumbai, India
I was at pattaya in july 2018. I went single to a gogo bar and same crap was told 'memebership only'.
I then went to another gogo where they asked for 500 baht entry and deducted beer price and returned the remaining amount.
I feel inidans hardly spend freely over drinks. They drink in their hotel room to save money. We must understand that gogo are business not free 'tamasha' and they need to sell drinks.
But, I liked the cover charge system where you deposit 500 baht and have beer and remaining refunded.
I did mail to few gogo and they said I was welcome but i have to buy a drink.
Things are Changing and so must the attitude of our indian people also change towards spending.
Go to tantra agogo in pattaya and for bangkok, playskool in nana.


建议去芭提雅的tantra agogo,还有曼谷的娜娜。

Perth, Australia
Although this is an old thread, the information in the posts is still relevant today.
Thank you for your post, zenpleasures. Hopefully some of your countrymen will see it and gain a clearer understanding of the reasons bar owners have various restrictions, which are not racial but purely commercial.


Penryn, United...
Cockatoo @ soi cowboy are Indian friendly