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Alex Lee,former Professional Consultant
VladimirPutin, the Russian President is quoted as saying, “whoever becomes the leaderin (AI) will become the ruler of the world”.


The ‘Madein China’ by 2025 was the broad policy brush which strategized that China wasnot to become a leading industrial power producing imitation and cheap massproduced goods. Instead it was to become an innovative producer of high qualityproducts. It is expected that AI will increase efficiency and precision acrossthe technology spectrum, increase the wealth of societies and the means ofadministrating national security. The assimilation of AI into society will notbe easy as it will roil the labour market by reducing head counts (industrial,manual group of workers), and take away human control over critical decisionmaking nodes (managerial positions). Nations which adopt, adapt, develop anddeploy AI, early, will reap greater incremental gains in productivity, enlargeits spheres of influence and make changes to the global balance of power. Theaims of achieving a more innovative economy, a modern military and enablingChina to expand its influence globally will be achievable.

“中国制造2025”是一项广泛的政策框架,它制定的战略是,中国不会成为一个生产模仿品和廉价大宗产品的工业大国,相反,中国将成为一个生产高质量创新产品的工业强国。预计人工智能将提高整个技术领域的效率和精确度,增加社会的财富和管理国家安全的手段。 将人工智能融入社会并不容易,因为它将通过减少员工数量(工业、手工劳动群体)扰乱劳动力市场,并剥夺人类对关键决策节点(管理职位)的控制。尽早采用、适应、发展和部署人工智能的国家,将在生产效率方面获得更大的增量收益,扩大其影响范围,并改变全球力量平衡。 这样才能实现目标,使中国扩大全球影响力,并拥有更具创新性的经济以及更现代化的军事实力。

Theturning point for China’s road to AI was in 2016, when AlphaGo the AI programdeveloped by Google DeepMind defeated Lee Sedol, the best professional playerin the Go board game. This inspired in July 2017, the Chinese Govt published aroad map for national development called the Next Generation AI DevelopmentPlan (AI Plan) which proposes for China to develop AI in 3 major milestones. By2020, China will catch up with the Westp/existing AI state of the arttechnology; by 2025, China will overtake the West; by 2030 China will becomethe AI top dog. In December 2017, the MIIT, the Ministry of Industry andInformation Technology drew up a detailed AI development plan for the period2018 to 2020.

中国人工智能之路的转折点出现在2016年,当时由谷歌DeepMind开发的人工智能程序AlphaGo击败了围棋游戏中最优秀的职业棋手李世石,受此启发,2017年7月,中国发布了一份名为下一代人工智能发展计划的国家发展路线图,提出了中国发展人工智能的三大里程碑: 到2020年,中国将赶上西方 / 现有的人工智能最先进的技术;到2025年,中国将超过西方; 到2030年,中国将成为人工智能的领头羊。 2017年12月,工业和信息化部牵头制定了2018年至2020年人工智能发展的详细计划。

Money hadalready been provided for introduction of teaching AI in primary schools andnurturing talents in tertiary institutions (a giant campus for an AI universityin Beijing was established in Jan 2018). Industry was encouraged to ventureoutside China to set up R&D centers to attract overseas talents especiallynewly minted PhDs to synergistically share research findings resources in AI,semiconductors, robots, weapons, quantum computing etc. Baidu, Alibaba andTencent were corralled together to form the AI national team to help developednew products. To this end Baidu set up a R&D Centre in Silicon Valley whileTencent put up a R&D Centre in Seattle. Military aspects (eg AI equippedguns, stealth camouflage, kinetic energy rail guns, high power lasers andradars capable of detecting stealth fighters etc) of more use to the PLA werespin offs and cherry picked from civil or joint research efforts with civiliancontractors/local universities. In this way China hoped to leapfrog andshortened the lead time for results in AI research. Also with the incoming ofTrump, as POTUS, some of the AI research by US Govt initiatives or itscontractors, initiated by Obama was downsized which presented opportunities tomop up talents and acquire facilities for the Chinese.

政府已经拨款在小学引入人工智能教学,并在大专院校培育人才(2018年1月,北京一所人工智能领域的巨型大学校园建成)。国家鼓励企业走出国门,设立研发中心,吸引海外人才特别是新生代的博士,并协调分享关于人工智能、半导体、机器人、武器、量子计算等领域的研究成果资源。百度、阿里巴巴和腾讯联手组建了人工智能国家队,帮助开发新产品。为此,百度在硅谷设立了研发中心,腾讯在西雅图设立了研发中心。 军事方面(例如人工智能装备的火炮、隐形伪装、动能轨道炮、高功率激光器和能够侦测隐形战斗机的雷达等)对解放军有更多的用途,而这些都是从民企或民企与本地大学合作的研究项目中分离出来的, 中国希望通过这种方式实现跨越式发展,缩短人工智能研究成果的提交时间。 此外,随着特朗普就任美国总统,一些由奥巴马发起的美国政府项目或其承包商进行的人工智能研究项目被缩减,这为中国提供了吸收人才和获取设备的机会。

Ref: HowChina Is Dominating Artificial Intelligence

参考文献: 中国怎样主导人工智能