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America gets its ‘ass handed to it’ in WW3 simulations: U.S. forces are defeated by Russia and China in almost all scenarios, analysts warn


Nonprofit global policy think tank RAND performs simulated war scenarios to test how the US would fare against other leading military superpowers


The simulations cover battle on land, at sea, in the air, space and cyberspace


Analysts warned last week that the US loses to Russia or China in most scenarios


However, they said it would take just $24billion annually to improve outcomes


'In our games, when we fight Russia and China, "blue" gets its ass handed to it,' researcher David Ochmanek explained at the Center for a New American Security on Thursday, Breaking Defense first reported. American forces are generally color-coded in blue in the simulations.
周四,研究人员David Ochmanek在美国新安全中心解释说:“在我们的模拟游戏中,当我们与俄罗斯和中国作战时,蓝军吃了一个下马威。”在模拟中,美军通常用蓝色表示。

'We lose a lot of people. We lose a lot of equipment. We usually fail to achieve our obxtive of preventing aggression by the adversary,' Ochmanek added.


Though hypothetical, the simulated games warn that the world order America has fought to protect for more than a century could be at risk.


The simulated conflicts take place in all five domains of battle: land, sea, air, space and cyberspace.


Accord to RAND, 'red' aggressor forces frequently burn US military bases to the ground, sink warships and take out cyber systems.


Robert Work, a former deputy secretary of defense and experienced war-gamer, explained that America's F-35 fighter jet is the most advanced of its kind in the sky, but is vulnerable on the tarmac.

前国防部副部长、经验丰富的战争游戏玩家Robert Work解释说,美国的F-35战斗机是空中同类战机中最先进的,但在停机坪上却很脆弱。

'In every case I know of, the F-35 rules the sky when it's in the sky,' Work said Thursday. 'But it gets killed on the ground in large numbers.'


'These are the things that the war games show over and over and over, so we need a new American way of war without question,' Work said.


Work and Ochmanek's bleak observations mirror the findings of an assessment carried out last fall by the National Defense Strategy Commission, a bipartisan panel of experts sexted by Congress to uate America's National Defense Strategy.


'If the United States had to fight Russia in a Baltic contingency or China in a war over Taiwan, Americans could face a decisive military defeat,' the Commission said in a November report.


The report highlighted how the US has lost its military edge as rival powers, namely Russia and China, have developed a 'suite of advanced capabilities heretofore possessed only by the United States'.


It came to the alarming conclusion that the US is 'at greater risk than at any time in decades'.


Ochmanek said that adding $24billion to the budget 'for the next five years would be a good expenditure' to prepare the US for World War III, which he predicts is at least 10 to 20 years down the road.