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American Airlines and Southwest willstill fly Boeing 737 Max 8 planes despite them being grounded in China,Ethiopia and Indonesia after deadly Ethiopian disaster

美国航空公司和西南航空公司仍将驾驶波音737 Max 8飞机,尽管它们在致命的埃塞俄比亚灾难后被禁止在中国,埃塞俄比亚和印度尼西亚飞行

Two U.S. airlines will continue to flyBoeing 737 Max 8 planes despite China, Indonesia and Ethiopia ordering airlinesto ground their fleets in the wake of the fatal Ethiopia disaster that left 157dead.

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines said Monday they have no immediateplans to ground their 737 Max 8 fleet.

尽管中国,印度尼西亚和埃塞俄比亚在致命的埃塞俄比亚灾难造成157人死亡之后禁飞了相应,但是两家美国航空公司将继续驾驶波音737 Max 8飞机。美国航空公司和西南航空公司周一表示,他们没有立即计划将737 Max 8机队禁飞。

The crash of the Ethiopian Airlines jet shortly after it took off from AddisAbaba on Sunday is drawing renewed scrutiny of the plane just four months aftera similar crash of the same model that killed 189 people in Indonesia.


Chicago-based Boeing said it did not intend to issue any new guidance to itscustomers but it was planning to send a technical team to the crash site tohelp Ethiopian and U.S. investigators.


China's aviation regulator grounded nearly 100 of the planes by its airlines onMonday - more than a quarter of the global fleet of the jets.

周一,中国航空监管机构的航空公司将其近100架飞机停飞 - 占全球喷气机队的四分之一以上。

American Airlines, which has 24 of the planes in its fleet, issued a statementexpressing condolences for the victims of the Ethiopia crash and said it wouldmonitor the investigation.


'At this time there are no facts on the cause of the accident other than newsreports. We have full confidence in the aircraft and our crew members, who arethe best and most experienced in the industry,' the airline said.


Southwest Airlines, who has 34 in its fleet, said: 'We remain confident in thesafety and airworthiness of our fleet of more than 750 Boeing aircraft.'


Most other Boeing 737 MAX operators across the globe said their planes wouldkeep flying and they had no plans to cancel orders. Among those included are:WestJet, Norwegian Airlines, TUI, Silk Air, Fiji Airways and Icelandair.

全球其他大多数波音737 MAX运营商表示,他们的飞机将继续飞行,他们没有取消订单的计划。其中包括:WestJet,Norwegian Airlines,TUI,Silk Air,斐济航空和Icelandair。

'That means finding the black boxes and piecing together other circumstantial evidencefrom air traffic control recordings and so on.'


Sunday's crash, minutes after take-off, of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8bound for Nairobi, killed all 157 on board.

周日起飞后几分钟,埃塞俄比亚航空公司737 MAX 8开往内罗毕,导致全部157人丧生。

In October, a 737 MAX 8 operated by Indonesian budget carrier Lion Air crashed13 minutes after take-off from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on a domesticflight, killing all 189 on board.

10月,印度尼西亚廉价航空公司Lion Air运营的737 MAX 8在印度尼西亚首都雅加达起飞后13分钟坠毁,机上全部189人遇难。

Safety experts cautioned, however, against drawing too many parallels betweenthe two disasters.


'I do hope though that people will wait for the first results of theinvestigation instead of jumping to conclusions based on the very little factsthat we know so far,' said Harro Ranter, founder of the Aviation SafetyNetwork, which compiles information about accidents worldwide.


The 737 MAX 8 first entered service in 2017.

737 MAX 8于2017年首次投入使用。

China's regulator said it would notify airlines when they could resume flyingthe jets, after contacting Boeing and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) to ensure flight safety.


Ethiopian has a good reputation and the company's CEO told reporters noproblems were spotted before Sunday's flight.