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Putin gloats over his Syria 'success':Russia sends 20-carriage 'victory train' on a 17,500-mile tour around thecountry loaded with 'war trophies' from the conflict


The Kremlin has been criticised for sendinga 'propaganda train' loaded with 'war trophies' from Syria on a tour of some17,500 miles around Russia.


Scrawled down the side of the huge train is 'Siriysky Perelom' which means'Syrian breaking point' in English.

在巨大火车的一侧潦草地写着'Siriysky Perelom',在着英语中意为'叙利亚断点'。

Uniformed member's of Putin's 'young army' - comprising schoolchildren cadets -have been on hand in many locations to greet the train.

普京的“年轻军队”的制服成员 - 包括学童学员 - 已经在许多地方到处迎接火车。

The show of strength saw armoured jeeps, tanks and mine-clearing vehicles pullinto stations, with onlookers recording the weaponry on their phones


Colonel Dmitry Serobaba said when the traindeparted from Moscow on February 23: 'The aim is to show a maximum amount ofpeople in our country the success of the Russian army in the fight withinternational terrorism.'


But the train has been hit by unfriendly fire from Russians on the Internet.


Denis Trishin said: 'Sick and tired with this clown show by [defence ministerSergei] Shoigu.'

Denis Trishin说:“对于[国防部长谢尔盖] Shoigu的这个小丑节目感到厌倦和厌倦。”

Nine carriages feature a T-55 tank suppliedfrom Georgia, various armoured vehicles, AK-47 assault rifles, and a Chinesedrilling machine - all captured.


There are also displays of rocket and artillery weapons, drones, and chemicalweapons seized form rebels.


In all there are 500 exhibits as Russian servicemen with combat experience inSyria are the guides, reported news agency TASS.


Many of the weapons on show in the train's carriages were made in the U.S.,France, Israel and Italy.


A tweet from Vitaly S said that in hisTrans-Baikal region there are no funds to repair the local hospital.

来自Vitaly S的推文称,在跨贝加尔地区,没有资金来修复当地医院。

One more hostile comment from Burevestnik branded the train a 'disgracefulshow' amounting to 'war propaganda'.


He told defence chiefs: 'You ought to load the parts of downed Russian planesonto this train too, along with portraits of those killed, and explain aboutthe cost of these "trophies".'


Others though, were supportive of thetrain.


A railway worker said: 'I am really proudthat they (the Russian army) are winning in this far away region.'


And Mikhail Godisov posted: 'Good stuff. Necessary thing to do.'


The exhibition is supposed to convince Russians how vital it was to help Syrianpresident Bashar Al-Assad during the civil war, whom many in the West view as awar criminal.


Russia's warplanes are reported to have killed many civilians in Syria, as haveSyrian warplanes.


And the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has repeatedly accusedRussia of killing civilians in airstrikes.