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'You're fired!' America has already terminated Trump

‘你被开除了!’ - 川普无力回天

Donald Trump delivers his ‘You’re fired!’ catchphrase at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, in 2015.

Robert Reich
The Mueller report looms but the president is doomed anyway – no one who screws the people so blatantly can win re-election


Sun 24 Feb 2019 06.00 GMT Last modified on Mon 25 Feb 2019 17.34 GMT
Robert Mueller’s soon-to-be-delivered report will begin months of congressional investigations, subpoenas, court challenges, partisan slugfests, media revelations, and more desperate conspiracy claims by Donald Trump, all against the backdrop of the burning questions: Will he be impeached by the House? Will he be convicted by the Senate? Will he pull a Richard Nixon and resign?

罗伯特 穆勒即将收尾的报告将开启连续数月的国会调查----传票,法庭的挑战,党派恶斗,媒体曝光,以及唐纳德 川普抛出的更加绝望的阴谋论,所有这些都映衬出后面的问题:他会不会被众议院弹劾?他会不会被参议院定罪?他会不会步理查德 尼克松后尘,黯然下台?

The Fed is running economic policy. Top-level civil servants are managing day-to-day work of the agencies.


Isolated in the White House, distrustful of aides, at odds with intelligence agencies, distant from his cabinet heads, Trump has no system to make or implement decisions.


His tweets don’t create headlines as before. His rallies are ignored. His lies have become old hat.


Action and excitement have shifted elsewhere, to Democratic challengers, even to a 29-year-old freshman congresswoman too young to run.


When you passed your tax bill you promised our paychecks would rise by an average of $4,000 but we never got the raise. Our employers used the tax savings to buy back their shares of stock and give themselves raises instead.


Then you fooled us into thinking we were getting a cut by lowering the amounts withheld from our 2018 paychecks. We know that now because we’re getting smaller tax refunds.


At the same time, many big corporations aren’t paying a dime in taxes. Worse yet, they’re getting refunds.


For example, GM is paying zilch and claiming a $104m refund on $11.8bn of profits. Amazon is paying no taxes and claiming a $129m refund on profits of $11.2bn. (This is after New York offered it $3bn to put its second headquarters there.)


A big reason we gave Democrats control of the House last November was your threat to eliminate protection for people with pre-existing conditions.


Are you even aware that 70% of us now favor Medicare for all?


Most of us don’t pay much attention to national policy but we pay a lot of attention to home economics. You’ve made our own home economics worse.


We’ll give you official notice you’re fired on 3 November 2020, if not before. Until then, you can keep the house and perks, but you’re toast.