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Why doesn’t the U.S. revamp and reinvest in infrastructure like China?


Ray Comeau, A decade in China, interest in geopolitics


Thanks for request
Revamping US infrastructure is very expensive which drives questions :
Is it economically viable to do so?
Can the US afford it?
Examples of individual projects in process :



The Port of New Orleans officials hope to deepen the channel by 5 feet, to allow larger ships. Projected cost $1.2 billion.
Puget Sound Gateway, Washington state’s project will expand highways to relieve traffic and congestion between Seattle and Tacoma. Distance 33 miles, Projected cost: $3 billion
New York City Bus Terminal, structural changes will “improve customer experience” and “modernize the terminal. Projected cost: $8 billion


Current/recent US infrastructure project problems:
New Homeland Security HQ. Its massive new headquarters is 11 years behind schedule and more than 50% over budget
Defense Dept/Veterans Affairs, Electronic Health Record System - Well Over $1.1 Billion spent.
D.C. Parking Garage - 400% over budget in 16-year-old project to date is another example of federal mismanagement. It’s still nowhere near completion.


The US government runs an annual deficit of a trillion dollars. Yes trillion dollars and that will continue to climb annually. Within 30 years interest of debt will be the largest portion of the federal budget.
US Congress will not approve a big infrastructure (or the Mexican wall) because the money is not there to spend.


P.S. - Giving away huge tax cuts to big business only results in lower government revenue and weakens the government’s ability fund big projects.
P.S. - The US government often sucks at doing big projects.



George Valencia, Masters History, University of California, Davis
because the US prefers to invest in war, and defense despite the fact they are about 40–50 years ahead of any country in terms of war technology(They were developing Stealth technology in the 1960s, countries like China and Russia are already researching and testing the same tech on their own planes.) They’ll spill a line that doing infrastructure would be a major drain on the federal coffers, but they’re okay spending $800,000,000,000 on national defense in the last budget. What you need is a president who is truly for fixing our nation’s infrastructure.

因为美国更愿意投资于战争和国防尽管他们的战争科技水平已经领先其他国家大约40 - 50年(他们在1960年代就开发出了隐形技术,像中国和俄罗斯这样的国家也已经在自己的战斗机上研究和测试了相同的技术。)他们会说,建设基础设施将是联邦财政的主要支出,但他们在上一年的财政预算中划拨了8千亿美元在国防上。你们需要的是一位真正致力于改善我们国家基础设施的总统。


Bernard Wijeyasingha, BA History of South Asia, University of California, Berkeley (1987)
There are many reasons why America is on a self-destructive path while China is becoming the truly advanced pragmatic power of the early 21st century. I am going to quote sections from a great article that sums up the difference between America and China in this ongoing economic war:


“In terms of economic systems, the Chinese are clearly superior. China runs a large economic surplus, allowing it to invest heavily in infrastructure and in resources abroad. America runs a large deficit. China invests in China, America in the military. China’s infrastructure is new, of high quality, and growing. America's slowly deteriorating. China has an adult government that gets things done.


America cannot compete with a country far more populous of more-intelligent people with competent leadership and the geographic advantage of being in Eurasia. Washington’s choices are either to start a major war while it can, perhaps force the world to submit through sanctions, or resign itself to America’s becoming just another country. Given the goiterous egos inside the Beltway Bubble, this is not encouraging.


China’s approach to empire is primarily commercial, America’s military. The former turns a profit without firing a shot, and the latter generates a huge loss as the US tries to garrison the world. Always favoring coercion, Washington now tries to batter the planet into submission via tariffs, sanctions, embargoes, and so on. Whether it will work or force the rest of the world to band together against America, remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the Chinese economy grows.


China has a government that can do things: In 2008 an 8.0 quake devastated the region near the Tibetan border, killing, according to the Chinese government, some 100,000 people. Buildings put up long before simply collapsed. Some years ago everything–the town, the local dam, and roads and houses–had been completely rebuilt, with structural steel so as, says the government, to withstand another such quake. Compare this with the unremedied wreckage in New Orleans due to Katrina.


People alarmed at China’s growth point out hopefully that the Chinese in America have not founded Googles or Microsofts. No, though certainly have founded huge companies: Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, for example. However, the distinction between inventiveness and really good engineering is not always clear, and the Chinese are fine engineers. With American education crashing under the attacks of Social Justice Warriors, basing the future on a lack of Chinese imagination seems maybe a bit too adventurous.”



Adrian Li, MS Electrical Engineering, University at Buffalo (2000)
Because US politicians care about their own job, whether will they get elected for next term. They dont care what and how people like. China had studied the Western’s failures and survey their own lands and people. They know the economy is like a ecosystem.


People work to make money, how? Build infrastructures and productions to create jobs, for steels, cements, glass, plastic, etc. all those require architectures, engineers, workers, accountants. This create papers demands, pens pencil, computers, printers, calculator, clothing and makeups for business attire etc. you get the pictures


After people work and earned money, time for trips, travels, eataries, restaurants demand..hotels, spa and consumering luxury goods..a few extra toys like cars, smartphones, etc.
Then they also have money to put their kids to better educations, demand for more teachers to produce higher professions. And makes everyone more smarter and making better decisions.


This all these feed back to moving the society upward and as well the standard of living
And the cycle starts all over again tomorrow..
US politicians give false promises so they can get a high paying jobs in offices. It is same as the pitchman selling snake oils..and only good for themselves and their own piggy banks yet make the society crumbles..and this is why the US progress has beed in a downward trend in all fields.



Charles Ang
Indirectly, isn't it the Trump administration doing? USA has no money, even America is still a rich and powerful both economically and militarily. But America is currently running a deficit of about a trillion dollars. Money Washington doesn't have, the quick fix is going to war, a trade war with every countries, allies or not. This is what we're witnessing of the actions Washington has taken by asking the world to pay for it.



Phil Sales, lives in Clermont, Florida
With the money that the US spends on entitlements, social programs, education, government employees and payments on the national debt growing exponentially, the US doesn't have the capital to spend on infrastructure that could be proportional to Communist China. The Chinese don't have either the higher levels of wages or social programs even close to that of the US.



Leslie Fish, I'm a musician and writer, and history is my hobby.
It’s planning to, but the effort has to be spread across 50 different states, each of which has different plans and systems. Most states are going with the idea of reviving the WPA and CCC, and hiring the unemployed to restore our infrastructure and forests. They’re all moving at different speeds.



Schiffer Xu, Patent Attorney in China (2009-present)
because U.S. did this long before China, most infrastructure finished before the Second World War.



Ed Spire, former Retired From 45 Years in Software Engineering
China is not reinvesting in infrastructure, they are investing for the first time. They have to do this, to bring their people into the middle class
The US is not reinvesting because the rich business owners who run this country don’t want to pay the taxes to do so.



Robert London
We should. Seems though it only comes up during election cycles and goes away just as quickly. We are in dire need of improved bridges, airports and internet access. Seems though the red tape seems to drag the projects to a halt with permits, procurement etc. China’s doesn’t seem to have those problems when the party decides it wants to get something done.



Kastus Lobandievsky, Just me
Because it is not such profitable as financial manipulations



Marcus Palmer
Because they'd rather spend the money on defence



Gigi Aldo, Banker
Because the US political elite is too obsessed in spending only for wars. And wars yield much fatter bribery for their pocket.