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Earlier this year, Netflix was seen testing a bypass of iTunes billing across dozens of markets worldwide. As 2018 draws to a close, Netflix — the App Store’s top grossing app — has ditched the ability for new users to sign up and subscribe to the streaming service within its iOS app across all global markets. The change means Apple will miss out on hundreds of millions in App Store revenue per year — money it would have otherwise received by way of its standard cut of in-app transactions.

今年早些时候(指2018年),Netflix被发现在全球数十个市场测试绕过iTunes账单的方法。随着2018年即将结束,Netflix- App Store最畅销的应用程序 - 关闭了新用户在全球所有市场的iOS应用程序中注册和订阅流媒体服务的选项。这一变化意味着苹果公司每年将错失数亿美元的收入 -这本可通过App Store标准的应用内交易抽成获得 。

According to new data compiled by Sensor Tower, Netflix grossed $853 million in 2018 on the iOS App Store. Based on that figure, Apple’s take would have been around $256 million, the firm said.To date, the Netflix iOS app has generated more than $1.5 billion through its in-app subscriptions, with Apple’s cut coming in around $450 million-plus, Sensor Tower estimated.Before the change, Netflix on iOS was grossing an average of $2.4 million per day in 2018 — meaning Apple was making around $700,000 by doing nothing other than allowing Netflix to offer subscriptions in its app.(Note, however, that Sensor Tower’s figures are based on the App Store’s 30 percent cut of transactions. After the first year, Apple’s cut on subscription renewals is lowered to 15 percent. That’s not being factored in. But it gives you a rough idea of Apple’s losses here.)

根据Sensor Tower公司的最新数据,2018年Netflix在的iOS App Store上获得了8.53亿美元的收入。该公司表示,基于这一数字,苹果的收益将达到2.56亿美元左右。迄今为止,Netflix iOS应用通过其应用内订阅已经产生了超过15亿美元的收入,相应的苹果抽成在4.5亿美元左右。 iOS上的Netflix在2018年每天平均收入在240万美元左右 ,这意味着苹果公司因此每天净赚大约70万美元-而它除了允许Netflix在其应用程序中提供订阅之外什么都不用做。(请注意,数据是基于App Store抽成30%获得的。事实上第一年之后,App Store的抽成降低到15%,这没有考虑到。但它给了你一个关于苹果因此损失的粗略估计)

Netflix’s iOS revenue has been climbing steadily over the years.In 2017, its gross subscriber revenue was $510 million — up from $215 million users spent in the app in 2016 — which earned it the No. 1 spot on the Top Grossing Chart for non-game apps. It snagged that position again this year, trailed by Tinder and Tencent Video.In fact, Netflix has earned the bragging rights for being the top-grossing iOS App of all time, App Annie reported this summer.The streaming service’s decision to bypass the App Store isn’t a first. Many companies today direct their users to the web or other platforms in order to avoid marketplace fees.

多年来,Netflix的iOS收入稳步攀升。2017年,其iOS收入为5.1亿美元 - 高于2016年的2.15亿美元 - 这使其成为非游戏应用程序总收入排行榜的第一名。2018年它再次获得榜单第一名,紧随其后的是Tinder和腾讯视频。 事实上,据Annie应用今年夏天的报道,Netflix已成为有史以来最畅销的iOS应用程序。

For example, Amazon has historically restricted movie and TV rentals and purchases to its own website or other “compatible” apps, instead of allowing them to take place through its Prime Video app. The same goes for Kindle e-books, which also aren’t offered in the Kindle mobile app. Spotify also discontinued the option to pay for its Premium service using Apple’s in-app payment system.And Epic Games this year bypassed Google’s Play Store altogether — as well as its 30 percent cut — when it launched Fortnite for Android as a sideloaded app. That decision resulted in Google’s loss of $50 million+ in marketplaces fees.

流媒体服务商绕过App Store的决定不是第一次。如今许多公司将用户引导到网络或其他平台,以避免市场费用。 例如,亚马逊历来将电影和​和电视的租赁和购买限制在它自己的网站或其他“兼容”应用程序,而不允许它们通过其Prime视频应用程序发生。Kindle电子书也是如此,Kindle手机应用程序也没有提供选项。Spotify还关闭了使用Apple的应用内支付系统支付其Premium服务的选项。 今年Epic Games通过将安卓版堡垒之夜的安装限制在其官方网站直接下载完全绕过了Google Play - 以及它的30%的抽成 。这一决定导致谷歌损失了5000万美元以上的市场费用。

Netflix earlier this year had dropped in-app subscription sign-ups in its Android app on Google Play. That signaled its intentions to later take back the so-called “Apple tax” for itself, too.However, Netflix still earns money on Google Play through existing subscribers. That totaled around $105 million in 2018, with Google earning close to $32 million of that. But the number has been declining consistently, Sensor Tower said. Apple could soon be in the same boat.VentureBeat was the first to notice the change to the Netflix iOS app. It would be surprising if Apple took action against Netflix, given it has not done so with other major tech companies that made similar moves.

Netflix今年早些时候在Google Play的安卓应用中取消了应用内订阅的注册。这为其收回所谓的“苹果税”的决定发出了信号。 但是,Netflix仍然通过现有订阅者在Google Play上赚钱。在2018年总计约1.05亿美元,谷歌收入接近3200万美元。但Sensor Tower公司表示,这个数字一直在下降。苹果很快就会出现在同一条船上。 VentureBeat是第一个注意到Netflix iOS应用程序更改的人。如果苹果公司对Netflix采取行动,那将是令人惊讶的,因为它没有对其他主要技术公司做出类似行动。