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TOKYO--The current leader in 2019 calendar sales at a popular chain store in Japan is not a fresh-faced young idol nor is it a sexy heart-throb actor. Rather Vladimir Putin the 66-year-old president of Russia takes the cake in that throb. That’s right the very same exercise buff that also has claim to a fragrance in his home country and a manga in Japan is currently contributing to an unprecedented number of calendar sales in a foreign country.


The Putin-dedicated calendars are being sold by Loft a popular Japanese store that sells miscellaneous household and everyday goods. The company reports that it began selling a variety of “famous people” 2019 calendars back in September and Putin’s sales have continuously dominated all others throughout its nationwide locations. Loft actually began selling Putin calendars three years ago based on their popularity in Russia. Past calendars include this year’s version which featured the president chilling with dogs (including his pet Akita Inu named Yume [“Dream”] from Akita Prefecture Japan) and 2016’s version which included an infamous shirtless fishing photo.


▼ Putin calendars on sale at a Loft store.


Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 6.32.27.png

While a number of shoppers are likely buying the calendars as a sort of practical joke the fact remains that Putin’s sales are still managing to beat a number of native Japanese celebrities who definitely have higher fan bases in Japan. Case in point–currently the second highest number of calendar sales at Loft is going to Kei Tanaka a 34-year-old actor who has starred in dozens of popular TV series and films such as this year’s "Ossan’s Love."

尽管很多消费者可能把购买普京日历视为一种恶作剧,但实际上,普京日历在日本的销量仍然超过了一些拥有更多粉丝的本土名人。比如,Loft公司目前日历销量第二高的34岁男演员田中圭(Kei Tanaka),他主演了几十部热门电视剧和电影,如今年的《大叔的爱》(Ossan’s Love)。

The current third-place holder in terms of sales is Yuzuru Hanyu the 24-year-old two-time reigning Olympic champion in men’s figure skating who is often noted for his charmingly boyish looks. His second-consecutive gold medal at the 2018 Olympics elevated him to a godlike status in his home country (and seriously this is about the only time you’ll ever see him being labeled “third” at something).

目前销售排名第三的是24岁的羽生结弦(Yuzuru Hanyu),两度获得奥运会男子花样滑冰冠军的运动员。羽生结弦以其迷人的正太形象被广泛关注,他连续在2014年和2018年奥运会上获得两块金牌,这让他在日本获得了神一般的地位(说真的,这大概是你唯一一次有机会看到他被贴上“第三”的标签)。

It has also been reported that a recent explosion of self-proclaimed “Putin fans” or young women with a feverish zeal for the foreign leader are the ones responsible for propelling these calendar sales to the top. Livedoor News quoted many of the women as saying that they find something attractive about the former KGB intelligence officer and president at the forefront of many controversial policies.

据报道,最近自称“普京迷(Putin fans)”的人数激增,或许就是因为这些女性粉丝对这位外国领导人的疯狂喜爱,推动了普京日历销量升至榜首。Livedoor新闻采访了这些女性,她们认为这位前克格勃(KGB)情报官员及现任总统在处理争议事件突出表现非常有魅力。

Japanese net users were both amused and skeptical by the revelation of Putin’s calendar popularity:


“Hmm…I kinda want one now.”


“It seems like it would be a good luck charm! Or that it would ward off evil or something.”


“Why does he seem to be so popular with the ladies?”


“I’d be weirded out if I went to a friend’s house and saw Putin hanging on the wall…”


“OK legitimate question–who did they have to get permission from to sell those? The Russian government?”


“I think this is all a ploy to make him look more favorable in light of the current Kuril Island negotiations.”