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20 巴基斯坦 1.868
19 埃及 2.049
18 加拿大 2.141
17 西班牙 2.159
16 伊朗 2.354
15 意大利 2.541
14 韩国 2.651
13 沙特 2.755
12 土耳其 2.996
11 法国 3.377
10 英国 3.638
9 墨西哥 3.661
8 巴西 4.439
7 德国 4.707
6 俄罗斯 4.736
5 印度尼西亚 5.424
4 日本 5.606
3 印度 20.511
2 美国 23.475
1 中国 39. 118


H Gng
Such predictions are completely unreliable.The future is too uncertain.The earth's resources are limited and not everyone can be rich.What makes the west rich today is that it USES proprietary technology to exploit everyone.The United States USES dollars and technology to exploit everyone in the world.So one person's wealth must be based on the other person's relative poverty.So it makes no sense for all countries to increase their GDP.It's just a Numbers game.



因此,所有国家都增加GDP是毫无意义的. 这只是一个数字游戏

Richard Aryanto
H Gng this prediction is already told by HSBC , Citibank, PWC coopers , and other world institution....yes...it might be not 100% accurate but will only be slightly different only


Richard Aryanto
Its time to take down wetern domination...we can change US dollar in the future after asias economy size alredy 3/4 of world economy....we can dictate whites...as for now we asians must keep grow in economy , technology and military as history told us that whites will use their reptill part of their brain if they feel losing the game



Shiva Dixit
Pakistani chutiya tu kyo aa gaya tera yaha koi kam nahi tum wo list dekh jisme sabse gareeb or kutte log rahte hai waha tera country top karega
Shubham Verma
@Shiva Dixit yes you are right inhe 20 pe bhi nahi hona chahiye tha inhe 100 se bhi bahar Rehna chahiye..... Sorry ye to aatanki hain to ye top TERRIORIST ki list me too karenge

johns pope
India will never surpass Germany and Japan.... Never...


Lois Lee
Wow china GDP neau 40 trillion HAHAHA awesome news

哇,中国的gdp是40万亿, 哈哈哈哈,大新闻.

r. Top 10
right now its 25 trillion


#Time pass tv
Totally fake dont you know pakistan is totally under debt

假得不能再假. 你难道不知道巴基斯坦负债累累?

united kingdom
I am from turkey and a litre diesel is 1euro 30 cent.. are you kidding me..everything expensive cars home's food and you say turkey with be 12. Economy??? Stfu man. I just think what will I eat tomorrow

我来自土耳其. 这里一升柴油是1.30欧元.
闭你它X的嘴,傻X. 我只想着下一顿怎么解决.

Atatürk’ü Seven Birisi
I think Turkey there isn’t top 20 economies



土耳其go ,go ,go.

Shiva Dixit
Where u should go? Hell

你要go哪里? 赶死?

Ery Asy'ari
Indonesia the best


@Mohammed Suleman Balwar And also the German population isn't growing. Germany will still be wealthier than Indian and China per capita though.


Gala Car
Russia should be number one but west gave them sanctions.


AzoneZon 321
LOL you're funny. Their puny economies never amounted to much, a little larger than Italy, with a per capita GDP near Mexico, another third world country. Look at the countries made in the image of Russia..Belarus there's a winner, North Korea another impoverished Nation, famous for their bread lines just like Russia

哈哈,你搞笑了. 他们弱小的经济规模没有多大,仅比意大利略大一点吧,
俄罗斯的人均GDP接近另一个第三世界国家: 墨西哥.


Giorgos LEO
Guys China is becoming first because they try to make China the place that has everything the centre of the world and not by making army bases around the world like U.S. but with all the development and world economic happening there and that's why China is not getting so much in world politics and just let's USA and Russia to deal with that also China in 2019 it would be stronger that the US in many terms and I believe that by 2025 China gross domestic product would be high enough to make China better for her people and then it would be clear to the world that a new superpower is gonna be number 1 but officially it would be when world financial centre which now is in New York will change and go to Shanghai but have in mind that US surpassed the British economy in the late 1890s but it became it became a real superpower after WW2



Rockstar vines
a little diffrenece between india and usa economy. india will ahed and become no. 1.

印度经济稍区别于美国. 印度是上升,然后升为全世界第一.

Neal L
No ones know what will happened in the future, we’re only see right now America is # 1 , China is doing very well for the last 35 years, and right now is # 1 too in term of PPP becoz of it has larger population , India is nothing but shithole


Maybe old version before Trump. China will be disappeared^^

(中国)也许只是川普的(老对手希拉里). 中国将会消失(于地表).

Shawn John225
Qwerty fox what??? Are you sure your country doesn’t do anything stupid? Lol

什么? 你能保证自己的国家没做过任何蠢事? 笑

Qwerty fox
@Shawn John225 atleast we don't eat baby Fetus like you Monsters!


Shawn John225
Qwerty fox in my 8 years in China.. never heard such things and you know everything about China from far far away.. good job lol

你从遥远、远、远的地方了解中国,果然厉害. 哈哈哈

Qwerty fox
@Shawn John225 then try to search anything! Your so poor! You don't know anything!

不会搜索吗你? 可怜,你一无所知.

lol yy c
Qwerty fox don’t eat Cow Pig Sheep YOU ARE MONSTER

不吃牛、猪、羊? 你是怪物.

Qwerty fox
@lol yy c don't you eat cow or pig? And sorry we don't have sheep! Ya we eat cow and pig even you and other countries eat that. But we don't eat Dog,Cat,Rat,Snake,Cardboard and also we dont drink our own urine like Chinese whhahaha

你不吃牛或猪吗 ? 很抱歉我们没有羊 !
但是我们不吃狗,猫,老鼠,蛇,纸板,我们也不像中国人那样喝自己的尿. 哈哈哈哈

This is laughable. To suggest third world muslim countries with all the war, greed and corruption, are going to out perform western advanced economies such as Australia for instance, is a joke. It seems you are basing this on some overly simplistic view of current gdp per capita multiplied by expected population growth. The top 3 though l would agree with at this stage, but when western countries pull all manufacturing of their companies from china, it's economy will contract greatly.

这很好笑. 认为充斥着战争、贪婪、腐败的第三世界msl国家会优于比如澳大利亚这样的西方发达国家经济体,这就是个笑话. 你用当前的人均gdp乘以预期增长的人口,这样的做法也太简单了吧.

Alexander HK
With such a huge population, any country can have the biggest GDP in the world, when we talk about quality of life and IDH China is still a poor country...


Noch Lola
I hate China. But I don't hate all.

我恨中国. 但我没有恨所有的中国人.

Shiva Dixit
Also hate china?? and love USA? from india


Bhaumik Mehta
Believe it not..
USA will be number 1 in 2030 as well. USA Won't allow China to surpass.
Till 2030, there will be atleast one war between USA & China, which will collapse Chinese economy.

2030年美国也是世界第一. 美国不会允许中国超越自己的.

Swiftie Forever
However hard you may hate China but you can't deny the fact that whatever its doing , its working for them. But india wil be great competition for them . Shift of superpowers is clearly towards the east now , thanks to India China Japan Indonesia etc I hope India wins the race as an Indian .



David Le
China and India are growing very fast...They can pass USA ...But the Air and Study Aboard in the USA is better than China and India....And all most students in USA come from China and India....So USA is the best..



TG Batman
Wow, from a stupid Murican Expert


mini cano
Yes, your country will be destroyed and ruled by the United States.Unless you are an American left without a country. And I am not an American. Trump no1.And he will be re-elected.

是的. 你国将被摧毁,被美国支配.
除非你是个美国白左. 另外,我不是美国人.