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Another Ebola outbreak has been declared inthe Democratic Republic of Congo less than 10 days since the last one endedafter killing 33 people.


At least four people have tested positivefor the deadly fever which causes people to haemorrhage blood and their organsto fail.


The latest cases have been found in andnear a town called Mangina, about 62 miles (100km) from the border with Ugandain the country's north-east.


The outbreak is some 1,553 miles (2,500km)from where 33 people died of the haemorrhagic fever in the northwest of thecountry and is not thought to be linked.


This new outbreak of Ebola will be the 10thin Congo's history, more than twice as many as any other country.


The viral disease was discovered near theEbola River in the north of the country in 1976, and is thought to be spread bybats and caught by humans from bush meat – meat from wild animals – which issold at markets to be eaten.


It then spreads between people via contactwith the bodily fluids of infected people.


Ebola causes a fever, vomiting, diarrhoeaand bleeding, and is often fatal because there is no cure.


Congolese and international healthofficials were praised for a quick response to the last outbreak.


They used an experimental vaccine beingdeveloped against the virus, but it is specific to one strain and the strain inthe new outbreak has not been confirmed.


The director general of the World HealthOrganisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: 'Ebola is a constant threat inDRC. What adds to our confidence in the country’s ability to respond is thetransparency they have displayed once again.


'We will fight this one as we did thelast.'


The country's health minister Oly IlungaKalenga said: 'Although we did not expect to face a 10th epidemic so early, thedetection of the virus is an indicator of the proper functioning of thesurveillance system.'


Travel into and out of Mangina has beenblocked to try to contain the virus, and governor of the North Kivu region,Julien Paluku, called on residents to remain calm.


Congo's east is volatile, with dozens ofrebel groups staging attacks and vying for mineral-rich land.


The ministry said it has put in placesecurity to protect the deployed health care workers and the population.


This year's Ebola outbreaks follow adevastating spread of the disease between 2013 and 2016 which killed 11,300people in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.


There were fears the outbreak, in Mbandakaand Bikoro, would spread to the port city of Kinshasa.


The 2014 international response to theEbola pandemic drew criticism for moving too slowly and prompted an apologyfrom the WHO.


Yet international aid teams moved muchquicker in response in Congo, implementing vaccination campaigns in severalregions.


Hundreds of locals and frontline healthworkers in Bikoro, Iboko and Mbandaka were given the experimental vaccine,known as rVSV-ZEBOV.


There are no proven Ebola vaccines, however,the rVSV-ZEBOV has been shown to be effective in trials in Guinea during thepandemic.

目前还没有得到证实的埃博拉疫苗,然而,埃博拉大流行期间在几内亚进行的试验中,RVSV ZEBOV已被证明是有效的。