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Daters around the world say that the English accent is the sexiest with those looking for love finding it more attractive than the sound of French, a new survey has revealed.


But despite the dialect winning the hearts of most people around the world, it is Parisians who are having the most sex and people in Tokyo going on the most dates.


The results were revealed in a global study by Timeout.com, which questioned 15,000 residents across 32 cities worldwide about their dating habits.

(译注:《TimeOut》系列杂志1968 年创刊于伦敦,创始人为Tony Elliot,系全球顶级城市生活杂志)

Was Meghan Markle won over by Prince Harry's English accent? A study by Time Out revealed that it's considered the sexiest

(图解:是哈里王子的英国口音赢得了梅格汉·马克尔的芳心吗?Time Out的一项研究显示,这种口音是最性感的)

And it revealed that 17 per cent of those questioned said they were unable to resist the dulcet tones of an English person - much like Meghan Markle, it would seem.
The French accent came second with 13 per cent followed by the Italian accent with 11 per cent.


Fourth was the Irish accent (nine per cent) and making up the top five was the Spanish accent (seven per cent).
The Scottish accent came in sixth (six per cent) followed by Australian (five per cent) and American (four per cent).
Completing the top ten were the Brazilian and Japanese accents.


The study also looked at dating habits to find out which cities were the best for hooking up.
And it found that people in Tokyo are going on the most dates, with residents in the city going on 25 dates a year - or one every fortnight.


However, it is people in Paris who appear to be having the most sex with 86 per cent of people in the French capital saying hooking up is easy and most making love once every 11 days on average.
But it's those living in Tel Aviv who are most likely to get lucky on the first date, with 61 per cent saying they would have sex on the same day they meet a potential partner.


In the Swiss city of Zurich, a third of residents there say they have had a threesome, with more people there than any other city open to having sex with more than one person.


While the results showed that Mexico City is the hotspot for those up for an affair, with two in five admitting to having been unfaithful to a partner.


Meanwhile Moscow is the most blase city when it comes to PDAs with a quarter of residents in the Russian capital saying they aren't bothered by those kissing on public transport.


However, the study also showed that those looking for old-fashioned romance should head to Berlin as people there rarely use dating apps, don't generally date more than one person at a time and are the least likely to 'ghost' people (ignore them rather than letting them down with a message).


While in the Portuguese city of Porto, only 35 per cent of daters admit to looking up their match online before meeting them.
Dubai is the city where it's hardest to find a match with half of respondents there saying it is really difficult or virtually impossible to find love.


And people living in the US capital of Washington DC use dating apps the most, with 25 per cent of people there using an app on a weekly basis.
Other US cities where apps are used a lot include Boston and New York.


James Manning, city life editor of Time Out, said: 'Our survey gives us an entertaining inside look at how city-dwellers around the world are living and loving in 2018.

Time Out杂志的城市生活编辑詹姆斯·曼宁说:“我们的调查给了我们一番乐趣满满的透视,让我们看到2018年全世界的城市居民是如何生活与恋爱的。

'Time Out has been inspiring and enabling people to make the most of the city since 1968, and if we can help shed a bit of light on the quest for romance along the way, so much the better.

“Time Out自1968年以来,就一直鼓舞和帮助人们去充分利用城市,如果我们能自始至终帮着在寻求爱情方面洒上一点光明,那就更好了。

The study found that people in Tokyo are going on the most dates, with residents in the city going on 25 dates a year - or one every fortnight


'The Time Out City Life Index shows that no one knows cities like we do – whether or not you find the English accent irresistible or where it's easy to find a love match.'

“Time Out城市生活指数显示,没有人像我们这样了解城市,无论你是否觉得英国口音不可抗拒,或在哪里容易找到自己的爱情。”

Meanwhile for people in the UK, the Irish accent was unanimously voted as the sexiest followed by the Manchester twang.


Manchester came in as the easiest city in the UK to get lucky, with 84 per cent thinking it is a breeze. The result is that they have the most sex in the UK - 28.3 times a year.

曼彻斯特当选为在英国最容易走运的城市,有84%的人认为这轻而易举。 结果表明他们是英国做爱最多的人群,达到每年28.3次。

Mancunians also seem to have a bit of a wild side with two thirds having had a one night stand, 22 per cent having had a threesome and almost a quarter having sent saucy pictures of themselves to someone they haven't met yet.

曼彻斯特人似乎也有狂野的一面,三分之二的人有过One Night Stand,22%的人有过三人行,几乎四分之一的人给还没见面的人发过“咸湿”的照片。

But daters in Edinburgh are the most likely in the UK to ghost someone, with 31 per cent admitting to having done so.


In comparison to loved-up Manchester just 26 per cent of Londoners think it is easy to find love (compared to 53 per cent in Manchester).


But they really try hard, with 42 per cent revealing they have had a workplace romance, 34 per cent dating several people at once and 2.4 being the average number of dates a Londoner will wait before getting down to business (compared to a global average of 2.7).


And here is a number from the capital to think about: 2.1 per cent of married Londoners admitted to using a dating app in the last week.