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divorced woman who only dates rich men reveals how she is travelling the world thanks to her wealthy suitors.


Emma Rogers 45 from Miami has been treated to luxurious holidays worth $14000 (£10000) including a cruise around the Mediterranean a trip to China a holiday in New York and a skiing trip in Colorado - all without spending a penny herself.


She says that the rich bachelors have willingly paid for her flights accommodation and expensive shopping sprees - just to enjoy her company on dates.


Emma who got divorced five years ago meets the men through the dating website MissTravel which promises to set up women with single wealthy men who are willing to take their dates travelling around the world.


Emma Rogers 45 from Miami (pictured in front of a Porsche while in New York) goes on lavish dates around the world after joining dating website MissTravel

The divorcee says that she wouldn't go on a date with a man who isn't 'financially stable' - but ensures that she forms a connection with any potential dates first.


She believes the four dates she has been on so far have cost $14000 (£10000) altogether - with flights and hotels costing $1300 (£900) for each trip shopping and attractions costing around $850 (£600) and meals costing about $1000 (£700).


So far she has enjoyed holidays to both China and New York as well as a ski trip in Colorado and a luxury Mediterranean cruise.


Explaining why she decided to sign up to MissTravel Emma explained: 'I turned to dating sites after divorcing my husband in 2013.



The divorcee has been on a luxurious cruise around the Mediterranean (pictured while on the cruise)  - without having to spend a penny herself

'As I travel a lot with my business I'm never living in the same place for very long so being able to travel with a bit of company seemed really appealing to me.


'I've been in contact with about 20 men but I've only been on four dates and already I've had so much money spent on me.


'Flights and hotels usually cost $1300 (£900) plus shopping and attractions which can come to $850 (£600) and then any shopping and meals which can notch up to $1000 (£700).'


As well as enjoying a skiing trip and a cruise she's also been treated to an expensive shopping spree in China.


Emma who is originally from Sydney has also been on a ski trip in Colorado (pictured) with one of the rich bachelors from the dating website

However Emma says the dates aren't just about the money for her although it does play an important factor.


'For me it's not just about the money - I wouldn't go on a date with someone with forming a connection first' she said


'Having said that I wouldn't consider going on a date with someone who wasn't financially stable - it's just not what I'm used to.


'If they can't provide for me or have nothing to offer me then I'm usually not very interested.


Emma (pictured while on her cruise in the Mediterranean)  believes the four lavish dates she's been on so far have cost about $14000 (£10000) altogether

'I usually Skype everyone who I speak to first so that I can decide early on whether or not they're suited to me.'


MissTravel claims to set women up with 'travel companions' and gives them the option to choose potential suitors who are willing to pay.


Emma who is originally from Sydney Australia turned to the dating site after finding herself lonely and unlucky in love and claims that she's happier than ever with her new lifestyle.



However none of the relationships have turned serious so far - and Emma says she hasn't had sex with any of the men.


The singleton (pictured in front of a Porsche while on her date in New York) says she likes to be spoiled by the men she goes on dates with

She said: 'Men take me shopping for designer clothes and bags put me in top hotels and we eat in the fanciest restaurants.


'I'm single and without kids so I like being spoilt and I don't see the problem with that.


'No relationship has turned serious which is a shame because the men I've met so far are usually high-flying business types.


'Every single man who I've been on a date with has been a perfect gentleman - I can usually suss out really early on with talking to someone whether or not they're a creep.'


She continued: 'MissTravel has definitely offered me better experiences than any other dating site that I've used as you can visit so many places and do exciting things rather than just sit in a hotel room and be bored.


Emma (pictured while on her date in New York) explained how she turned to dating websites after divorcing her husband back in 2013

She said none of the dates have turned serious so far adding that all the men have been 'perfect gentleman'. Emma is pictured here while on a cruise in the Mediterranean

'I like the thrill of meeting someone new and going on all these fun adventures and I never feel lonely as I meet all of these amazing people.


'My friends and family are super supportive of me using the site as they all consider me to be quite youthful and they can see how much fun I'm having. '


Paige Berger spokesperson for MissTravel added: 'The appeal of MissTravel for wanderlusts such as Emma is the simplicity in which you can find a travel partner.


'After we enter adulthood it becomes increasingly difficult to find friends or romantic partners that are able to travel on the same schedule as you.


'MissTravel allows you to find people to travel on your schedule to go to the places you've always wanted to go.'


Emma (pictured during her holiday in the Mediterranean) explained how she loves the thrill of meeting new people and going on 'fun adventures'