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China could surpass the US and becomethe world's leading investor in scientific and medical research by 2022


A new study hasclaimed that the US’ status as the world’s leading nation in scientific andmedical research is under threat.


University ofMichigan researchers reviewed every issue of six top-tier internationaljournals and four mid-tier journals from 2000 to 2015.


While theresearchers concluded that the US is still the world leader in research anddevelopment spending, and ranks first in the world for scientific discoveries,China’s increased investment in science over the past two decades means that itcan now provide the US with serious competition and ranks fourth in the worldfor total number of new discoveries.

尽管研究人员得出结论,美国现在仍然是世界上研发经费最大的国家, 并且科研发现的数量居世界首位, 但是在过去二十年里中国在科研方面不断增加的投资表明,它现在可以与美国相匹敌,新发现的总量居世界第四。

However, proposedbudget cuts in the US, and the belief that Chinese R&D spending willsurpass the US total by 2022 could mean that China eventually becomes theleading nation for scientific and medical research.

“It’s time for USpolicy makers to reflect and decide whether the year-to-year uncertainty inNational Institutes of Health budget and the proposed cuts are in our societaland national best interest,” said Bishr Omary, M.D., Ph.D. and chief scientificofficer of Michigan Medicine, U-M’s academic medical center.

" 是时候让美国的决策者们反思,关于美国国立卫生研究院( NIH ) 不明的年度预算和减少开支的提议等等,到底如何对我们的国家和社会最有利。" 说话者 Bishr Omary 医学博士是密西根大学医学研究中心的首席科学家。

“If we continue onthe path we’re on, it will be harder to maintain our lead and, even moreimportantly, we could be disenchanting the next generation of bright andpassionate biomedical scientists who see a limited future in pursuing ascientist or physician-investigator career.”


Rather than beinga dominant force in scientific and medical research, the researchers discoveredthat the US were now more likely than ever to cooperate with other nations onpeer-reviewed papers.


It is thought thatstagnating budgets in the US, Great Britain and other European countries, aswell as Canada and Australia, have ushered in an era of “team science” in thelast 15 years.


In 2000, 25% ofpapers in the six top-tier journals were by teams that included researchersfrom at least two countries.


However, in 2015that figure was closer to 50%. The increasing need for multidisciplinaryapproaches to make major advances, coupled with the advances of Internet-basedcollaboration tools were likely have something to do with this, Omary said.

但是,在2015年,这个数字近50%。运用多学科方法而实现突破的需求日益增加,还有以互联网为基础的协作工具的发展,都可能与此有关, omary博士表示。

The researchersnoted that while their study was based on data up to 2015, in the current 2017federal fiscal year, National Institutes of Health budget increased thanks tobipartisan Congressional appropriations.


But the proposedcuts to research funding in the 2018 budget could hinder many areas of researchand negatively impact the next generation of aspiring scientists.


“Our analysis,albeit limited to a small number of representative journals, supports theimportance of financial investment in research,” Omary says.


“I would stillstrongly encourage any child interested in science to pursue their dream andpassion, but I hope that our current and future investment in NIH and otherfederal research support agencies will rise above any branch of government tohelp our next generation reach their potential and dreams.”