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A Norfolk school thatadvised teachers to provide buckets for pupils to vomit in during lessons hasbacktracked, telling parents that “genuinely unwell” children will receive propertreatment.


The bucket guidance surfaced in a documentgiven to teachers at the start of the year at Great Yarmouth Charter academy,after the struggling school was taken over by the Norwich-based InspirationTrust.


The EasternDaily News reported that the document distributed by Barry Smith, theschool’s new headteacher, listed a series of rules and practices that teachersand pupils were to follow – including the suggestion that pupils be offered abucket if they said they felt ill in class.

东方日报报道称,该文件由该校新任职的校长Barry Smith(巴瑞·史密斯)发布,列出了老师和学生们需要遵循的一系列规定,其中包括对在课堂上感到不适的学生提供呕吐桶的提议。

“We all know children say things like thatto get out of work. You never pretend to be ill to get out of work because weexpect you to work through it. If you feel sick we will give you a bucket. Ifyou vomit – no problem! You’ve got your bucket. That’s probably all your bodywanted – to vomit. If you are really ill we will make sure you get all theattention you need,” the document said.


Inspiration Trust said the inductiondocument was only meant to be circulated to staff internally, and the schoolissued a clarified behaviour guide for pupils and parents this week.


Under “sickness and absence” the revisedrules state: “Pupils may sometimes pretend to be ill to avoid classes they donot like, and teachers will make a judgment call as to whether a pupil isgenuinely unwell.


“Where a pupil is genuinely unwell theschool will make arrangements for their care, and will contact parents ifappropriate.”


The revised rules also soften otherpunitive measures contained in the earlier document, including a threat toconfiscate any mobile phones seen during school hours.


They include advice to pupils to be in bedby 9.30pm on school nights, after they have checked the contents of theirpencil cases “to make sure you have three black pens that work, two sharppencils and a 30cm ruler. You don’t need anything else in your pencil case”.


In a letterto parents this week, Smith described “a great deal of rumour and speculationon social media” over the new rules, and offered to hold a parents’ meeting atthe school on Thursday.


Formerly known as Great Yarmouth highschool, the school was taken over and renamed by Inspiration Trust in Augustafter several years of poor exam results and being rated as inadequate byOfsted.


Ofsted inspectors visiting the school foundthat many lessons were disrupted by misbehaviour.


“Pupils told inspectors that all of theirlessons in some subjects are disrupted by the behaviour of a small number ofpupils. In lessons, inspectors observed pupils openly defying teachers,answering back, refusing to work and leaving classrooms when they chose to.Pupils told inspectors that this was typical,” the report stated.


A follow up visit by inspectiors late lastyear found that “the school’s culture of behaviour and promotion of a safeenvironment for pupils remains inadequate”.


Critics say they unfairly penalise pupilsfor minor deviations.


Inspiration Trust said the initial responsefrom parents and pupils to the new rules had been positive.