Sideline Reporter Emily Austen Booted forRemarks about Mexicans, Jews, and Chinese


Sister networks Fox SportsSun and Fox Sports Florida booted sideline reporter for the Orlando Magic andthe Tampa Bay Rays, Emily Austen, for stereotyping variousethnic groups on the Barstool Sports ‘Rundown’ show.

姊妹广播电视网络公司Fox Sports Sun和Fox SportsFlorida,因奥兰多魔术队和坦帕湾光芒队事件,解雇了场边记者艾米莉·奥斯丁,因其在Barstool体育的‘Rundown’节目中发表大量老套的种族歧视言论。

While sitting on a couch with three other sportscommentators on a live Facebook broadcast, Austen spewed several stereotypecharacterizations of Mexicans, Jews, and Asians and called Cleveland Cavaliersforward Kevin Love a ‘bitch.’


Austen said about Love, who sat out Game 3 ofthe NBA Finals between the Cavs and the Warriors due to a concussion heincurred during Sunday’s game, “I think Kevin Love is a little bitch. … I’mjust saying, in general, he’s a little bitch because even when he doesn’t havea concussion. I’m not saying he’s a little bitch because he didn’tplay because he had a concussion. Because he can’t play. I’m just not a fan,and he’s such a diva.”


After being asked by the show’s host DavidPortnoy what she thought about a recent high school valedictorian, who admittedon social media that she was an illegal immigrant from Mexico and wasreceiving a full scholarship to Yale, Austen uttered: “I didn’t even knowMexicans were that smart. …That’s f—– up. I didn’t mean it like that.’

节目主持人David Portnoy问她如何看待近期的一位致告别词的高中生代表——已经被媒体公开是从墨西哥非法移民过来,并获得耶鲁大学的全额奖学金,奥斯丁扬言道:“我以前都不知道墨西哥人有这么聪明……这可真是……我不是这个意思。”

“We were made aware that Emily Austen appearedin a social media video unaffiliated with FOX Sports in which she madeinsensitive and derogatory comments. She was not speaking on behalf of FOXSports, nor do we condone any of the statements she made in the video. Emilyhas been advised that her comments were unacceptable, and she is not scheduledto appear on any upcoming FOX Sports Florida or FOX Sports Sun broadcasts.”

“我们认识到,艾米莉·奥斯丁出现在一个与福克斯体育无关的社会媒体视频中,并作了敏感大不敬的评论。她的发言不代表福克斯体育,我们也不能容忍她在该视频中做的任何评论。我们已经奉劝过她,她的评论难以接受,她将不会出现在FOX SportsFlorida或者FOX Sports Sun的后期广播电视节目中。”